Back to School

The first day of back to school is Thursday, August 15, 2019. 

Message from Principal Stephanie Gounder

Photo of Stephanie Gounder, Principal at YES Prep Brays Oaks

At YES Prep Brays Oaks, we take pride in the accomplishments of our students and staff. We’ve worked hard over the last 11 years to build a culture where all students are held to high and consistent expectations, have the opportunity to leverage their voice, and achieve at the highest levels possible. Due to hard work and a committed teaching staff, we’ve seen strong student achievement growth on STAAR tests, AP exams, and reading fluency over the years. Our students participate in diverse course offerings (Gardening, Digital Media, AP Psychology, and Dance to name a few), have access to 11 AP courses, and lead strong student organizations. Our alumni have matriculated to fine institutions including Vanderbilt University, Johns Hopkins University, Boston University, and Wellesley College. We strive to be a school that students, parents, and community members are proud of, and we invite you to see us in action.

En YES Prep Brays Oaks, pensamos en los logros de nuestros estudiantes y personal con orgullo. Hemos trabajado duro durante los últimos 11 años para desarrollar una cultura en la que todos los estudiantes tengan expectativas altas y consistentes, tengan la oportunidad de usar su voz y lograr los niveles más altos posibles. Debido al trabajo arduo de los maestros y el personal, hemos visto un gran crecimiento del rendimiento estudiantil en las pruebas STAAR, los exámenes AP y la fluidez de lectura a lo largo de los años. Nuestros estudiantes participan en ofertas de cursos diversas (jardinería, medios digitales, psicología AP y baile, para nombrar algunos), tienen acceso a 11 cursos AP y dirigen organizaciones estudiantiles sólidas. Nuestros alumnos se han matriculado en instituciones excelentes, como la Universidad Vanderbilt, la Universidad Johns Hopkins, la Universidad de Boston y el Colegio Wellesley. Nos esforzamos por ser una escuela de la que los estudiantes, padres, y miembros de la comunidad estén orgullosos, y los invitamos a vernos en acción.



New Students (Lottery): YES Prep Public Schools is a tuition-free public charter school system in Houston, TX. YES Prep Public Schools does not have any admission exams or interviews to admit students. We are required by law to admit students using a lottery process to select applicants at random when there are more applicants than available seats.  

To learn more about the lottery process and student application, click here

Student Transfers: YES Prep allows current YES Prep students to transfer to a different YES Prep campus as long as approval is granted and space is available at the campus of preference. There are three types of Student Transfers: Sibling Transfers, Address Change Transfers, and Family Support Transfers.  

*For specifics regarding transfers to Partnership Schools (YES Prep Hoffman, YES Prep Eisenhower, YES Prep Northbrook Middle, and YES Prep Northbrook High School) please refer to the guidelines under the Partnership Transfer Requests section in the Student Handbook.  



Legal guardians must update their child’s immunizations. When enrolling your child in school, be sure to bring a signed record of your child’s current immunizations, signed to enroll provisionally if the required immunization process has begun. Your child can remain in school after 30 days in they have provided YES Prep with a record indicating you are:  

1) in the process of receiving immunizations OR  

2) bringing an affidavit indicating your child cannot receive vaccines or is choosing not to receive the recommended vaccines.  

If you cannot provide YES Prep with the immunization records or one of the two above documents. YES Prep may require the student to stay home until the immunizations are complete. 

Some organizations offer free immunizations to eligible children through their regular healthcare providers such as Texas Vaccinations for Children. Others, like a few branches of the Houston Public Library, offer free immunizations during specific hours on certain days of the month. For more information about required immunizations see the Immunization Fact Sheet or call Health Services at (713) 349-7423. 


District Calendar 

For the 2019-2020 district calendar, click here.  

Bus Routes

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Family Dashboards 

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Stay Connected 

Family Notes: YES Prep Brays Oaks keeps parents informed through a weekly Family Notes newsletter that is sent out every Thursday with your child. 

Social media: Stay up to date with events and activities by following our campus social media pages.