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  • Friday, November 10th - YSTEP District Thanksgiving Celebration 
  • Monday, November 13th - Fall Common Assessment 
  • Tuesday, November 14th - Fall Common Assessment 
  • Wednesday, November 15th - Fall Common Assessment 
  • Thursday, November 16th - Fall Common Assessment 
  • Friday, November 17th - Student Holiday (NO SCHOOL) 
  • November 20th through November 24th - Fall Break (No School) 

           Message from Principal Hall-Swope

Hello Cavalier Families-

November 13th – November 15th, our Cavaliers will take their first round of Common Assessment testing. These tests are designed to assess student mastery on grade-level material and their readiness for the STAAR and AP exams. These tests are SUPER Important and we need every one of our Cavaliers in school and on time. Make sure that your child gets rest and eats a good meal. Teachers have provided students with plenty of study materials, so encourage your students to study and practice so that they are 100% ready to be successful on their exams.

Additionally, students will not be able to have access to their cellphones or headphones during these days while testing. If students are caught with cell phones, their tests will be void and they will receive a failing grade. Students will have the opportunity to turn in their cellphones to their teacher are the beginning of the testing block. Please remind your students to not have their cell phones on them during testing. The negative impact on their grades is not worth it.

I look forward to sharing your student's data with you, celebrating wins and also finding ways to continue to support your students through tutorials in the Spring. Have a great weekend!


- Principal Hall-Swope -



Hello all, this is a reminder to all of our parents and students that we begin our Fall Common Assessment testing on Monday, November 13th. It is very important that all students arrive to campus on time at 8:30AM. 

Due to the importance of the test, we hope that you will make every effort to have your child at school, well rested, and focused. We hope that you will support your child's future by explaining the significance of this testing and by encouraging them to put forth their best effort.

Thank you for your continuing support of our school program.



New Dean of Students 

For our 6th and 7th parents, I am pleased to announce our newest Cavalier Leader:

Sa’sha Little, our Lower Deck Dean of Students. Please see below for more information about her. If you would like to reach out to get to know Ms. Little more and the work she will do with our 6th and 7th graders to ensure they are college-ready, please email her.

 Help me welcome Ms. Little:





Are you happy with your YES Prep Campus? Tell us about your experience! We invite you to check your email or phone for the Possip Survey. The survey will be available starting Thursday, December 7th. It will take less than a minute. In this survey, you will be asked about how to best support your student’s academic journey. If you did not receive the survey, please reach out to your front office team for the link. 

 ¿Estás contento(a) con tu escuela de YES Prep?¡Cuéntanos tu experiencia! Lo invitamos a revisar su correo electrónico o teléfono para la encuesta de Possip. La encuesta estará disponible el jueves 7 de diciembre. Tardará menos de un minuto. En esta encuesta, se le preguntará sobre cómo apoyar mejor el aprendizaje académico de su estudiante. Si no recibió la encuesta, comuníquese con su equipo de recepción para recibir el enlace. 



Bus Routes For the 23-24 School Year





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