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  • Tuesday, September 26th - Varsity Boys Volleyball vs. Harmony Ingenuity 
  • Wednesday, September 27th - HCC Field Trip 12th Grade Group  
  • Friday, September 29th - Varsity Boys Volleyball vs. YES Gulfton 

Message from Principal Hall-Swope

Hello Cavalier Families-

We have had a great start to the 23-24 school year. Our teachers have engaging, and college-ready lessons planned in every classroom, and we are focusing on joy and celebration of growth this year for all our Cavaliers.

A few reminders as we continue to focus on providing the best education for your student:


 Air Pods/Cellphones

·       Air pods and headphones are only allowed before school (8:00-8:30) and during student’s lunches. Students should not have Air Pods or headphones out or in their ears during any part of the day. Students should keep them at home as they are not needed for instruction. Students will receive an automatic detention for having them out, so please ask your child to just leave them at home.

·       Cellphones are not allowed during instructional time. All classrooms have cellphone pockets, which is a safe place for students to keep cell phones during class time so it will not be a distraction to their learning. Please tell your child to put their cell phone in the cellphone pockets during class time.



·       All students have received their 5 free Brays Oaks uniform shirts. All students are expected to wear their uniform shirts Monday-Friday. If a student comes out of uniform, they will receive a detention and a call home. These detentions could lead to a suspension, so it is important for our students to come to school in uniform and ready to learn.

·       Jackets and sweaters must be either Brays Oaks brand or solid red, blue, black, or grey.

·       Crocs are NOT allowed on campus. Please do not have your child wear Crocs to school. We will be calling home to have you bring another pair of shoes or students will receive automatic detention.



·       All students received their school ID. Please remind your child to put on their ID when they come to school. This is to ensure we have a safe school and know everyone who is supposed to be in our building. Every staff member also wears an ID, so let’s make sure to have 100% of Cavaliers (staff and students) wearing IDs at all times.


Thank you for trusting your child’s education to us. Let’s please work together by having your students in the proper uniform, wearing their ID, and leaving Air Pods/headphones at home.


Selina Hall-Swope 


Bus Routes For the 23-24 School Year





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